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I have always dreamt of going to New York after seeing it in the popular series Gossip Girl. The roads, bridges, and the city itself are very old school and it leaves you with vintage vibes. So here I will be sharing my experience of it with you’ll.

After the adventurous trip to Niagara Falls, we headed towards our last destination which was New York City. We landed there at night and our hotel NYMA (New York Manhattan) was located in the heart of the city, so we boarded an Uber and headed towards the hotel. Even at this hour, the city roads were full of traffic all over. From our hotel’s terrace, we could see The Empire State Building which was the tallest building located in the by lane and so we could view it easily and it was a pretty view to look for. We reached there in the night and as planned the exploring will start from tomorrow.


The next day we woke up and as usual had American breakfast which had tonnes of varieties of cereals, juices, fruits, and meat. The first and the foremost thing was to take a cab and head towards the Statue of Liberty. When we checked online it was showing that we had to pay for the ticket and then only we will get entry so when we reached there we saw many people waiting in a line to board a ferry and when we enquired we got to know that there were 2 choices. One is you take a free ferry and the second one was that there was a boat which would take us to the Statue of Liberty Island but it seemed difficult because if we had opted for the boat we would have to stare above at the Statue of Liberty and it would have given us a sprain on our neck. So we opted for the free ferry ride and also got a spot wherein the Statue was visible very clearly. Here are some mesmerizing shots….


Later we went to snack on something at a burger joint at the underground station and shopped some souvenirs for our fridge. The next plan was to head towards the National Lighthouse Museum wherein they had dedicated to the history of lighthouses and the keepers and also for the new generation to know about it in deep.



After this we headed towards the most talk of the town place which is World Trade Centre, we crossed over the through Brooklyn Bridge which is the most famous for SRK movies which were shot there. At the World, Trade Centre were names of all engraved on the stone of the memorial plaque. After that, we were just roaming around and a young guy was making Graffiti art on the wall and it was cool to see such things as we don’t get to see that much in India.




Afterward, we headed towards Friday market wherein there was a variety of food and shopping we spotted a structure of Double Check. Here’s a closer look…


We also went inside a church which was located near the Wall Street Station and the atmosphere there was very peaceful. We then proceeded our journey towards The Bull and Fierce Girl and the rush at that time was tremendous as everybody was excited to click a photo with the same.

After clicking pictures we rested our bums for a bit and also shopped for souvenirs for friends and family. We ended up going to Battery Park and also bought the coldest ice gola which was hard to bite on, but looked very colorful. And then we were back at our hotel as we were tired and also had to roam in the night at Times Square.


This is the first part of my story and the rest will be covered in the second half which is going live in the next week.

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