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Age is just a number when it comes to creating content online

Food is a thing which brings one and all closer be it just Pani Puri or for that matter a Biryani. We all love to eat and try various delicacies all around the world. Just like I live in Mumbai, so here most of food is made in Bombay style. So whichever state you go there is always a touch of that city in their cuisine which is included. For example you can’t get the same Butter Chicken which you get in Delhi here in Mumbai.

Last week we baked our first cake at home with the help of YouTube, not me but my mom and it turned out to be so delicious that we were enjoying it for 2 days. In our family most of us do not like sweet food, but my mom has once in a while sweet tooth cravings so she always ends up eating Milky Bar just after lunch, be it just one bite.

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That day while we were making the cake I took a few cinematic shots of it and compiled it as a reel and thought of posting it on my mother’s Instagram account. And after a while a thought came into my mind that why not just make an Instagram account for her so that we can just post a 30 sec recipe and through that people can also see the talent of cooking with her own flavors of twist to it. You can check out the page by clicking here.

So, my main motive of creating this blog is not to promote the page but it was for understanding that age doesn’t matter so you can do things whenever and whatever you like to do but it should be beneficial for you in life. Also as am going to graduate in Masters this year I am also gaining the experience of how social media works and what all should we do to grow the page and all the marketing techniques and hashtags which are used. Learning is a process which never stops even though you are ageing. And also there is a plus point of this page that we don’t sit empty headed all the time as we always are busy shooting the video, searching for captions and also the background music which needs to match the recipes tone.

Therefore, in short content creation is not always for the sake of popularizing the content but also for the betterment and learning purpose.

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