Appreciating all the Fathers Out There! | Happy Father’s Day 2021

We always end up thanking our mother, as to how much she had to go through from the delivery process until we grow younger. We always appreciate the efforts she takes while doing all of this. But as we see, father’s also play a very important and major role in our upbringing. Be it scolding their child to do the right thing and teach those good manners or giving them treats whenever they need it. They always end up teaching how important it is in life is to use your precious time.

In my school times, on the day of my birthday, I had done something wrong so my father had scolded me and had stranded me out of the door for a minute. I always end up saying it to him whenever he makes a mistake. But now as I look back in time if he would not have done that thing I would not have followed it until now. Now it is like stuck in my mind that if I do that thing again I always remember that there will be no one correcting me the way my dad did a few years back and that’s why I have not made that mistake again, especially around strangers.

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Daughters are always attached to their fathers and son are attached to mothers, it is natural and we all seem to like it. It is like we share a bond that I cannot have with anyone else than my dad.

One incident I would like to share with you’ll, I was in 10th grade and it was my last paper for board exams. In our locality, there was this mall which was opened when my exam was going on and my dad had promised to take me there just after I finished my paper. Now, whenever I go to that mall I always remember the first time I had visited it as my dad had promised me to take me there. So it is like these small-small events in life which take place and we always tend to remember it no matter what. 

I am and will always be grateful to you for The Emotional Support, For Being in my team always, For Always listening to me, For setting the bar high.

Happy Father’s Day Dado!

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