Why I Started My Blog?

I started blogging when I was in my first year of my Masters and during that time our teacher had told us to start one for building our creative writing and we will also get to learn more about SEO which works around the web with the help of Google. In the earlier days, I used to write about my memorable moments in my diary and I started writing it from 9th standard when our school had taken a trip to Mahabaleshwar. It was really fun during that period as all my classmates were living in the same room. We ended up doing a lot of fun.

Blogging is like a book of me which tells all my happy and good moments which I have spent in these years of my life. This is just like an open diary which is also available on the internet for you’ll to see what all goals and achievements I have achieved through the same. The idea of blogging was put into my mind by my teacher, but after that, I had to research and see how it works. During the pandemic also, I bagged an internship in a news startup company which helped me a lot as I used to help in editing and publishing the news articles and also used to write them. So I have learned in life that always practical experience is more important than theoretical. In theory, we always tend to learn and grasp knowledge but do we implement it in real life.

Even in my last few blogs, I shared one of my trips which I had taken back in 2018 to the USA. My decision to write it on my blog was to cherish those memories and once I grow old, I can go back to my blog and always look back at those times and pictures and live that again any day shortly. If you may have noticed, in my blog I have never stuck to one genre of content. I have always loved to explore the variety of content that we tend to explore every day. We always learn new things every day, just like everyone out there. I have been always fascinated by people who put out their opinion on a particular thing and give their take on the same. I also wanted to do a similar thing just that I do not go with trends.

At first, WordPress was very new to me that I didn’t even know that we have to add tags and all to increase the number of traffic on the website. When I was about to publish my first blog I was very nervous back then, but gotcha do what you gotcha do.  And since then I have been trying to build up my website and improvise a lot of things in the same.

In short, I started blogging because of my love for writing. I also do photography and have covered events but when it comes to writing, it makes me scratch my head and get the best out of my mind, the process of it is very much enjoyable.

So if you blog why did you start one in the first place, what was the reason behind the same? I would love to hear them so please do share it in the comments down below!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Started My Blog?

  1. Hello Komal,

    I started blogging to express myself. And yes, I too wanted to make friends who listen to me. I earned both. 😊

    What will be your next post?

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