My First Time Trying Fluid Art | Learning New Things

I have always loved to paint things rather than drawing. Lately, I have been drawn more towards doing fluid arts. It is a very fascinating and stress reliever when we see or do it. So last week I had gone to an art store when I had visited the market and found the kit for doing fluid art. It included a canvas board, an apron, and aqua shade colors which were looking just like the sky.

Later on during the weekend, I opened up the set but found out that there were no gloves included so I got it from a friend of mine who lives in the building. I had decided to take a time-lapse of the same but decided to take good close-up shots instead with the help of my mom. As I was opening the color, I had this fear that will I be able to do it nicely or else I would have spoiled it would have been a wastage of money.

But as I started the process of putting the colors one by one in the glasses I started enjoying it and it automatically gave me positive vibes. For the reference in the afternoon, I had seen some techniques as to how to pour the paint on the canvas so it spreads nicely. After pouring the colors on the canvas we need to rotate it from one corner to another for the color to fill the whole canvas so that it can create a nice texture on it. This way it turned out very much great and helped in making a wave-like design just like the ocean.


I wanted to do it as in the coming months we are thinking of renovating the house. So I have this picture in mind as to how I want my room to look. It has been like 15 years since we have been living in this house and when it was made I was in my 4th standard so I didn’t understand what and how a room should be so it was done and decided all by my parents. The best part is the fan which is full of cartoons and still the same as it was. And also my dad has given me the responsibility to decide about what interior decoration we will be doing in this house.

The fun fact is that when I was a child my first dream was to become an interior designer so maybe the fact that I wanted to become one was just the first step and the second step is to do it on my own. I have jotted down all the points also, to keep in mind what all changes I am going to make like the least and most important things to keep and discard. So this was my first experience of doing something which I have never done before.

Do let me know in the comments down below if you have learned something new in the week!

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