Do movies play an important role in our life?

It was 2013, and we had gone to a weekend getaway at Daman. I had cleared my 9th exams and would be appearing my 10th, so just for relaxation, we had gone for a nice vacation. We enjoyed sitting by the beach and eating and trying various fish delicacies. Just when we returned it was a Saturday and on Monday my school was about to begin, but just before that it was a Sunday and we had gone to watch my all-time favorite movie which is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Back then I was adulting, so I didn’t know what stuck into my mind but I had a wish to pursue the passion of becoming a photojournalist. It was a dream job for me like travelling the world, capture the beauty it holds, trying various cuisines, and many more advantages. During that period, I didn’t know that something like blogging exists. And that people can write about various topics and can earn money through the same.

From that day I had decided that I want to become a photojournalist. After I passed my 12th standard, I had it in my mind to join Mass Media, although my dad wanted me to pursue HR and become one. But I always had this thing in mind that I do not want to do a 9-5 job because I wanted it to look like it’s some kind of adventure when I am working. The search is still on and looking for my main goal to achieve and also blogging my experience so that when I achieve it I will be able to share it with you’ll and you’ll be a part of that journey maybe not physically but virtually.

I have always thought that in the media field experience matters a lot than theory knowledge especially when you are supposed to do it practically. It gives us the confidence to look up and move forward in our life by learning various aspects of it.

In today’s time, I have been blogging and sharing my experience with everybody on the internet through my blogs so it is like this also is a part of knowledge which am learning and will want to learn more about it in the coming years. I have been writing about my small school trips and my board experience in my diary since I was in the 9th grade. Not that it was not good but at that time I didn’t care what I write because it was all written just for my reference to come back and cherish those memories. But now that I write as a blogger on WordPress I feel a kind of responsibility like how much can I improve my writing more and more blogs so that once day I can be proud of myself for always trying hard to achieve my goal. So it is like I will be moving one step closer to achieving my goal.

That’s all for today folks. I will see you next week!

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