A Week Full of Laughter and Fun | Family Edition

So last week on Wednesday, I visited my grandma’s place in Worli. And just by coincidence her sister also came by that day to stay there so it was a full house. We reached there around 2 pm and as usual, my mum had cooked mutton and gave it to her as she is unable to find it near the market. All in our family especially Dad’s side is very famous for cooking non-vegetarian dishes so the whole week was full of mouth-watering dishes.

The first day I and my cousin were just hanging around and chit-chatting. In my granny’s neighbor lives my childhood best friend, and as we met after many months there was a lot to catch up on. As she was doing her work we were just talking about how has life become especially for her since her job has started and that too work from home, the pressure which is built but it is all going to be worth the wait.

Later on Friday, my grandma’s sister had invited us for lunch in the afternoon at Currey Road. So as we had met her after last year’s Diwali we all were just chatting non-stop continuously about what all is going on in each other’s life. She had made yummy vegetarian food because we had insisted on her. As she is also not keeping well these days but as you know whenever we go to any of our relative’s house it is always a variety of food served before us. My grandma didn’t join us that day as she had Friday’s pooja and she was also fasting on that day. And also it would have been difficult for her to climb 5 floors to reach the house and vice-versa.


The next day was Saturday, my friend was supposed to go on a trip on Sunday so her office friend was here to live with us for a day. We later ended up roaming near Shivaji Park which was eventually closed as it was a weekend and past 4. A dog also followed us throughout the lane and was kind enough to always find a way out through his smell. Later on, we provided him some biscuits for that moment and left for home in a taxi.

The week ended with my grandma making yummy delicacies which were Bheja Fry, Javla Fry (dried small fish), Prawns curry, and Crab Masala. We also went shopping on Tuesday at Dadar market because on Monday everything is closed there. While going we only had our purses but while returning we came with 12 bags. The same situation while we were returning home. We enjoyed our stay at my grandma’s place a lot and they will soon be coming on my birthday to our place as my grandma is always very much excited about this one hotel which she is obsessed with which is located in our locality.

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