My 23rd Birthday

My birthday started a day prior because my work requires me to live with my grandparents. My mom and dad had come to my granny’s place to stay for a few days. And as my dad and my birthday are just 4 days away we celebrate it together. That day my mom came to visit me nearby my office and later we went to a temple which we always visit when we used to live in Mumbai. We later visited a relative which I was meeting for the first time but it didn’t feel so. Later on, we shopped for a bit and hopped onto a taxi which took us home.

My mom had something in her mind as to how my birthday should be celebrated and later on she executed it by bringing some balloons and the happy Birthday letterheads. When we reached home we were casually chatting and then I got a notification from the gate that there is some delivery and later my mind struck that dad must have ordered something and as he came up we were thrilled to see that it was a Dutch Truffle.

At midnight I got a message from my best friend and also we cut the cake then. And I was awake till 12:45 as I was replying to messages saying Thankyou to everyone.

I woke up at around 9 am and had my breakfast which was masala rice. Later I took shower and mom then surprised me with a new white dress which I wore in the morning period. After that, I again got busy into doing running some errands on my phone. And at that moment my masi came in with my cousin’s sister who came from Igatpuri in the morning. As a gift, she brought me mouthwatering Steamed Modak which is my favourite.

In the evening we all dolled up the house with some minimal decorations and the theme for it was something to do with shades of purple or violet because lately I have been obsessed with it and my mom decided to do so. But unfortunately, the theme was only followed by the birthday girl i.e. me.

Later that night we cut our cake which was a rainbow cake filled with cream and fruit pieces. And we had pav Bhaji for dinner because it was my grandma’s fast so we couldn’t eat nonveg on Friday.

On Saturday, we went shopping at Dadar and Bandra and while returning home we grabbed the most famous Baba Falooda near Mahim and enjoyed it on our way back home. Sunday was a take a chill-pill day as we were supposed to go out to have lunch which was non-vegetarian and famous for its Malwani Cuisine. After hogging onto the food we went back home and slept straight for 3 hours which was much more needed after celebrating the birthday for 3 long days.


This is how I celebrated my birthday during the whole weekend from 24-26 September

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